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Answer: It’s a very simple process. You can either fill out the form on the website or give us a call directly. Our home-buying specialist will ask you basic questions about the home so we can generate a virtual offer prior to seeing the property. If the offer makes sense, then we will schedule an appointment to see the property and verify the condition. Once we agree on the final price, we will sign a purchase agreement. We take care of the selling and title process – you’ll be filled in throughout the entire process – and we close at our office, your attorney’s office, or even virtually.

Answer: NO, cleaning or removing contents from your home is not necessary. After you go through and remove what you want, anything left behind will either be donated or disposed of.

Answer: NO, our offer is 100% as-is and is not affected by the condition of the property. You don’t have to spend more money on repairs, maintenance, or dealing with buyers who want credits.

Answer: No, there are no fees or obligations at any stage of the process. This is 100% free for you, and you can change your mind at any point.

Answer: NO, its not necessary as most closings are secured by the title company, BUT, if you want to use an attorney that is 100% OK with us!

Answer: No, we do prefer our homes to be vacant on the day of closing, but we understand that you may need some time. We can either release some funds early to help you move, or if you would like to stay in the home, a portion of the closing proceeds will be held with the title company until you vacate the property.

Answer: YES, we purchase properties with tenants all the time.

Answer: We calculate our offers based on how valuable your home could be after it’s completely fixed up, not how it looks right now. Our objective is to give you the best offer by thinking creatively about different ways to improve it.

Answer: Certainly! Our team consists of agents and local moving companies. They can help you find a new home and also ensure your belongings are safely transported there!

Answer: Selling your home to us comes with multiple benefits. These include a quicker sale process, a cash payment without any conditions, and savings on repair expenses. This makes for a convenient and hassle-free selling experience.

Answer: Typically once we come to an agreement to purchase your home, closing takes 2-4 weeks. This is very flexible and can happen as soon as 3 days or as long as 60 days.

Answer: No, we are not real estate agents who will list your house for sale on the market. We are direct buyers who can make you a no obligation offer to purchase the home without all the showings and inspections that come with a traditional sale.

Answer: Most legitimate home buying companies offer a very similar services but what separates us from the rest is we are so confident in our ability to purchase your home that we will make our deposit “non-refundable” in order to guarantee the sale. On top of that we are local and family owned and operated with hundreds of purchases right here in our own backyard.

Answer: Absolutely, we’ve purchased many homes from out of state home owners. Once we see the home just ONE time, you (or your local representative) will no longer have to make the trip out anymore. Even the closing can take place virtually, where your cash will be directly deposited to your bank account directly from the title company!

Answer: Our office is located at 655 Amboy Ave Suite 410, Woodbridge, NJ.

Answer: Typically once we come to an agreement to purchase your home, closing takes 2-4 weeks. This is very flexible and can happen as soon as 3 days or as long as 60 days.

Answer: Once we come to an agreement on the price, we will send you a written purchase agreement to your email if it has not been signed in person already. Once all parties have signed the agreement, we will send it to your attorney (if you are using one) or the title company along with our initial deposit to start the title search process, which typically takes 5-7 business days. During this process, the title company will contact you to request any necessary documents such as mortgage payoffs or death certificates. Once the title search is complete, we will put the remaining funds together to prepare for closing. Closing can either take place virtually, at your attorney’s office, or at our office. The title company will provide a certified bank check or wire the closing proceeds to you.

Answer: NO, its not necessary as most closings are secured by the title company, BUT, if you want to use an attorney that is 100% OK with us!

Answer: All deposits (down payment) are held by the title company as they are used to start the closing process and will be part of the total purchase price that will be released to you at closing.

Answer: Typical closing cost that sellers pay are realty transfer tax, recording fees, and any legal fees. If you choose to work with us, we will take care of these closing cost including up to a $1,000 credit to cover your attorney.

Answer: No, once closing takes place, we will prefer you not turn off utilities as we will transfer it to our name the day of closing. You should call your utility company and give them a forwarding address so they can send your your final bill.

Answer: No, as long as you are the legal decision maker (executor, power of attorney) you can sell the property in the name of the estate (ex: The Estate of John Doe) once the probate process is complete and you DO NOT have to transfer it to your personal name.

Answer: Yes, even if the home is full of possessions, we can still purchase it and either donate or dispose of the items for you. You do not need to clear the house out prior to he sale.

Answer: Probate can take a long time because of complicated rules and processes. It usually takes several months or even a year to finish. But if you start the sale process early, we can come to an agreement prior to the completion of probate and have the property sold within days of finalizing probate.

Answer: Yes, there are several benefits to selling a property in probate to us, including a faster sale process as a cash purchase skips lengthy financing steps. Additionally, we can buy the home in as-is condition, relieving heirs or executors from the burden of repairs or renovations.

Answer: Yes, DNT Home Buyers can provide a  solution if you are facing foreclosure. We specialize in purchasing homes quickly for cash, which puts an end to the foreclosure process to avoid it going on your credit, and can even give you some time in the home so you can have a stress free transition after the sale.

Answer: Yes, even if you have a pending auction (sheriff’s sale) date, DNT Home Buyers has cash on hand to close quickly and put an end to the auction. The more time we have before the auction, the more flexibility we have in providing a solution. Thanks to our experience and buying power, we have helped owners save their homes within three days of losing them.

Answer: Possibly, once the auction occurs, your home has either been sold to a buyer or has been taken back by the bank. However, there is a 10-day redemption period during which you can still sell the home to us to avoid foreclosure, but we need to act fast to save it, as title will take 5-7 days to run a title report.

Answer: There are TWO ways to postpone the sale. One is by your lender postponing it for you and the second is by using a limited amount of adjournments for a small fee, each postponing the auction for 14 days each or 28 days total. This will give us enough time to run title and put our funds together to buy the home and save you from foreclosure.

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