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Procedure & Requirements Of Mortgage Down Payment Gift


When it comes to home buying, the downpayment is the most severe concern in this whole process. Few lenders leverage the borrowers to use gift funds as a down payment. If you save enough funds to pay 20 to 30% of the amount as a down payment, it might delay the process and cause worry for first-time home buyers in new jersey.

Eligibility Of Gift Funds For Mortgage Down Payment

The donor’s requirements vary according to the mortgage plan & lender. It depends on your choice of which mortgage plan you are applying for because every mortgage plan has different terms & conditions. Few programs put the requirement of blood relation for a down payment gift. It would help if you discussed this with your lender regarding the acceptance of the donors. 

The Limit Of Gift Fund 

The questions regarding the limit are commonly asked by those receiving gift money for the first time and whose parents support them.  No such limitation is specified as long as the donor meets the loan program’s requirements. In the FHA loan category, the total amount can be gifted. As far as a conventional loan is concerned, if you paid the 20% down payment of the selling price,  you are eligible to get all funds in the gift form. 

Gift Letter Used For Mortgage Downpayment

A gift letter is the eligibility criteria to use the funds for the closing cost & down payment purposes.  This letter is evidence that funds are the gift and reflects the parties involved.  As long as the intention of the gift and letter is fair & honest, then there is no risk involved. 

According to the IRS estate tax for 2022, any initial installment gift under $16,000 doesn’t need to be accounted for. Beyond that specific amount, the funds must be mentioned in the donor’s tax return. In this scenario, parents are allowed to pay $32000 for every child, and there is no need to report those assets to the IRS. 

The following Information is included in the gift letter. 

  1. The amount of the gift in dollars 
  2. The donor statement with signature about no repayment
  3. The date of transferring the funds
  4. The property’s address 
  5. The relationship of the donor with the borrower.
  6. The relationship of the donor with the buyer

Recommendations For The Mortgage Recipients 

Following are the essential recommendations for mortgage recipients. 

  • If you receive a down payment gift, be upfront with your mortgage lender.  
  • Keep documentation of the assets evolving hands. 
  • Must know about the Monetary total of the gift fund for applicable taxes. 
  • Make sure the gift comes from an eligible relationship. 

Documentation Involved in Gift Payment

Your lender demands a few documents whenever you use down payment funds or gifts. Usually, lenders expect the following documents to proceed further. 

  • Bank Statement
  • Deposit slip of the buyer OR Check the copy
  • A copy of the check from the gift giver to the Title agent
  • Evidence of wire transfer copy
  • Settlement statement copy as proof of gift deposit

Taxes Applied on Gifts For Down Payment   

There might be a  tax implication on receiving & giving on a cash basis. The DNT home buyer is not obliged to pay taxes on the gift. The person who is giving is not exempted from the tax. Experts suggest consulting a tax advisor in the cash gifts scenarios. 


The procedure and requirements of the down payment gifts are not as complicated as they are. All necessary things related to the process, including the eligibility criteria, required documents, taxes, and gift letter details, are explained for better understanding. New entrants to the real estate market avail themselves of the advantage of this valuable information and proceed further with their down payment.    

FAQ Section 

Question. Who can gift money for a mortgage downpayment? 

Answer. Generally, anyone from the family can sponsor gift money for the down payment purpose, including siblings, children & parents, etc.  Legal guardianship will also be accepted in this scenario. 

Question. How much money is allowed to gift for a down payment?  

Answer. Someone can pay for the down payment. There is no such limit for the amount. Someone can pay for the down payment.   

Question. What is the purpose of the gift letter for the mortgage?

Answer. The purpose of the mortgage gift letter is to show that the funds are given in the form of a gift, and there is no such repayment, and it also proves the relationship. 

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